Cloud Services

Eliminate headaches and hassles by moving to the cloud

The cloud is ever increasing in its popularity and functionality. It has taken over so many aspects of technology -- email, phone systems, servers, desktops, data storage, and so much more. Moving to the cloud brings about plenty of benefits, which is why we are always ready to assist clients who decide to do so. Not only will they be able to access files from any device anywhere, but they also have the added benefit of remote wiping a mobile device when a user has its access revoked.

The cloud also removes the need for FTP and VPN to access company data and the hassle when you need to send or share large files. For seamless backup, our Cloud Services employ real time sync technology that allows for multiple folder backups. Now you have the ability to save to any data center -- whether it’s SAN, SCSI, an on-site server, a remote server, or others. With Dia Systems’s Cloud Services, you will also receive comprehensive usage reports. You enjoy all these benefits in a simple web interface that is easy to use.

Looking for rapid deployment, scalability, user-friendly features, ease of management, and security?
Look no further.

Some of the cloud solutions that we offer:

  • Microsoft Office 365 for Business – professional email, social networking services, hosted versions of Exchange Server, Lync, SharePoint, Office Web Apps and more.
  • Google Apps for Business – professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings, chat, and more.
  • Cloud Based Phone Systems and Voice over IP (VoIP) – also known as cloud PBX and virtual PBX. Utilizes secure data centers and your employees can make and receive calls from anywhere at any time. It is also easily able to integrate with your existing VoIP phones. Great option for a small low monthly fee.
  • Cloud File Sync – this is a Cloud File Server, Offsite Backup, and Secure File Sync solution all in one that is HIPAA and PCI compliant. Can be synced and used on all mobile devices as well.

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