Managed IT Services

Proactive, efficient, and managed: IT services the way you need them

Whether you are in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, New York City, Los Angeles, Inglewood or anywhere in the U.S for that matter, we proactively monitor your network and remotely address potential points of failure before they become critical and cause bigger problems. We continuously prevent intrusions by malware and hackers. We protect your data by placing safeguards in place and monitor the progress and status of your backup solutions. If disasters should happen, you can rest assured knowing that we maintain real-time inventory of your hardware and software as well as backups. Our affordable, competitive rates are always on a fixed monthly basis, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. In addition to that, you can also send unlimited help desk support tickets at no additional costs.  We have many years of experience working with small and medium-sized businesses not only locally but around the U.S as well.  We can support you wherever you are located.

If you go through vendors for your email, payroll, printers or anything else, and encounter problems, we can work directly with your vendors for resolution with little to no involvement from you. Also, we can handle the day-to-day requirements you may have, such as password resets, creating new user accounts, creating email accounts, moves, changes, creating distribution groups, granting permissions to different people, setting up network printers, and more. On the rare occasion that there is an issue that requires the services of an onsite technician, we will dispatch one promptly. We are always available for any concerns or issues you may be experiencing.  Some of the things our managed services clients enjoy are:

  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management of the entire environment
  • Unlimited Remote Support and Help Desk Services
  • Email setup and support to include Office 365, Google Apps, Yahoo Business Email, GoDaddy, and others
  • Super fast response and resolution times
  • Cloud Desktops/Virtual Machines
  • VPN Solutions
  • File Sharing Solutions
  • Backup of workstations and servers as well as Monitoring
  • Backup of Microsoft Office 365 to include Email, Calendars, Contacts, OneDrive, and SharePoint
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Patch Management
  • Onsite Support (if within service area)
  • Instantaneous remote support to resolve issues that come in via chat, email, or phone call
  • Server Support
  • Web Filtering and URL Filtering
  • Email Security and SPAM Protection
  • Managed Business-Class Antivirus Protection and Monitoring
  • New equipment and/or user setup
  • Monthly reports on all tickets that are submitted
  • Asset Management
  • 3rd Party Application Support and Vendor Support
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Benefits of a full-time IT Department without the costs

Dia Systems is always proactive so we stay on top of what’s going on with your IT infrastructure and keep them running smoothly at all times.

Our Managed Services process:

  • Assess – find out what problems you are facing with your current IT infrastructure and day-to-day operations. What’s challenging? What would you like to see improvement on?
  • Address – resolve not only current issues, but also others you've experienced in the past or want to keep from experiencing.
  • Maintain – keep your IT systems running smoothly by monitoring everything constantly and alerting you to potential issues before they become actual problems. We strongly believe in preventive maintenance, and we apply this method with all of our clients.

Tessie provided IT support for our remote agents with varying tech skills. She ably resolved the most difficult challenges, sometimes with uncooperative agents. We could always count on her help. Tessie is highly recommended for any IT tasks.

George Bessenyei